"My Shirley Years"- Metropolitan Room, NY

1930's Idol- Audience Favorite Winner (New York,  presented by Big Night Out)

"Mr. Sandman" choreographed by Merrill assisted and coached by Lotsie Cash

"A, You're Adorable" choreographed by Merrill

as Donna in "The Brain from Planet X"

at Los Angles premiere. (writer director: Bruce Kimmel) Also performed in New York at NYMF festival

A week in the Loire Valley in France, staying in this manor home inspired me to make this dance video to Charles Trenet's "Boum" there. ...ah France.... sigh!

Participants at Le Calabash Cooking school stayed at the manor home in the video above.   

If you're a foodie, enjoy this sped up french music video of some ambitious cooking!  Much thanks to chefs Sidney and Alison Bond  www.lecalabash.fr

And if you liked the above... you might like this one with desserts!